November December January February March Tournament Schedule

February Men's College Basketball

  • Feb. 1

    Penn State at Michigan State, BTN, noon

    Iowa at Illinois, BTN, 2

    Virginia at Duke, FSN, 2

    Feb. 2

    Connecticut at Louisville, ESPN, 7

    Kansas at Baylor, ESPN, 9

    Feb. 3

    Purdue at Ohio State, ESPN, 7

    Maryland at North Carolina, ESPN2, 8

    BYU at Air Force, Mtn, 8

    South Carolina at Florida, ESPN, 9

    Wyoming at New Mexico, CBSC, 10

    San Diego State at UNLV, Mtn, 10:30

    Feb. 4

    Iowa at Indiana, BTN, 6:30

    West Virginia at Syracuse, ESPN, 7

    Boston College at Virginia, ESPNU, 7

    Houston at Central Florida, CBSC, 7

    Wake Forest at Miami (Fla.), ESPN2, 7:30

    Utah at TCU, Mtn, 7:30

    Minnesota at Michigan State, BTN, 8:30

    Memphis at SMU, CBSC, 9

    Duke at Clemson, ESPN, 9

    Missouri at Texas, ESPN2, 9:30

    Feb. 5

    Penn State at Michigan, BTN, 7

    Georgia Tech at N.C. State, ESPNU, 7

    Illinois at Wisconsin, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    St. John's at Seton Hall, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    Arizona State at Oregon, FSN, 10:30

    Gonzaga at Portland, ESPN2, 11

    Feb. 7

    Syracuse at Villanova, ESPN, noon

    Mississippi at Vanderbilt, CBS, 1

    Notre Dame at UCLA, CBS, 1

    Texas at Nebraska, ESPN2, 2

    Oklahoma State at Kansas, ABC, 3:30

    Indiana at Michigan State, ESPN, 4

    Utah at Wyoming, Mtn, 4

    Tulane at Marshall, CBSC, 5

    Northwestern at Iowa, BTN, 6

    Michigan at Connecticut, ESPN, 6

    Minnesota at Ohio State, BTN, 8

    UNLV at New Mexico, CBSC, 8

    Memphis at Gonzaga, ESPN, 9

    TCU at Colorado State, Mtn, 9

    Air Force at San Diego State, CBSC, 10

    Washington State at California, FSN, 10:30

    South Alabama at Western Kentucky, ESPN2, TBA

    Feb. 8

    Purdue at Illinois, CBS, 1

    Wisconsin at Penn State, BTN, 3

    Saint Joseph's at Massachusetts, CBSC, 3

    Washington at Stanford, FSN, 5:30

    Maryland at Georgia Tech, FSN, 7:30

    Feb. 9

    West Virginia at Pittsburgh, ESPN, 7

    Kansas at Missouri, ESPN, 9

    Feb. 10

    Michigan State at Michigan, ESPN, 7

    Marquette at Villanova, ESPN2, 7:30

    Indiana at Minnesota, BTN, 9

    Florida at Kentucky, ESPN, 9

    TCU at UNLV, Mtn, 10

    Feb. 11

    Penn State at Purdue, BTN, 6:30

    Syracuse at Connecticut, ESPN, 7

    Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, ESPNU, 7

    Tulsa at Memphis, CBSC, 8

    Colorado State at BYU, Mtn, 8

    Iowa at Wisconsin, BTN, 8:30

    North Carolina at Duke, ESPN, 9

    New Mexico at Air Force, CBSC, 10

    San Diego State at Utah, Mtn, 10

    Feb. 12

    Louisville at Notre Dame, ESPN/ESPN2, 7

    Illinois at Northwestern, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    UCLA at Arizona State, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    Southern California at Arizona, FSN, 10:30

    Gonzaga at Saint Mary's, ESPN2, 11

    Feb. 13

    Villanova at West Virginia, ESPN, 9

    Feb. 14

    Georgetown at Syracuse, ESPN, noon

    Kentucky at Arkansas, CBS, 1

    UCLA at Arizona, CBS, 1

    Colgate at American, ESPNU, 1

    Minnesota at Penn State, BTN, 1:30

    Texas at Colorado, ESPN, 2

    Colorado Christian

    at Metro State (Colo.), CBSC, 3

    Oregon at Washington, FSN, 3

    Florida at Georgia, ABC, 3:30

    Kansas at Kansas State, ABC, 3:30

    Purdue at Iowa, BTN, 4

    Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, ESPN, 4

    Air Force at Utah, Mtn, 4

    Memphis at Southern Mississippi, CBSC, 5

    Stanford at California, FSN, 5

    BYU at TCU, Mtn, 7:30

    Ohio State at Wisconsin, ESPN, 9

    Wyoming at San Diego State, Mtn, 10

    Gonzaga at San Francisco, ESPNU, 11

    Feb. 15

    Illinois at Indiana, CBS, 1

    Michigan at Northwestern, BTN, 3

    Duke at Boston College, FSN, 5:30

    North Carolina at Miami (Fla.), FSN, 7:45

    Southern California at Arizona State, FSN, 10

    Feb. 16

    Pittsburgh at Connecticut, ESPN, 7

    Feb. 17

    Michigan State at Purdue, ESPN, 7

    Maryland at Clemson, ESPN2, 7:30

    Kentucky at Vanderbilt, ESPN, 9

    New Mexico at BYU, Mtn, 10

    Feb. 18

    Penn State at Illinois, BTN, 7

    Miami (Fla.) at Florida State, ESPNU, 7

    Notre Dame at West Virginia, ESPN2, 7:30

    SMU at Memphis, CBSC, 8

    Utah at Colorado State, Mtn, 8

    Ohio State at Northwestern, BTN, 9

    UNLV at Wyoming, Mtn, 10

    Feb. 19

    Minnesota at Michigan, BTN, 7

    Duke at St. John's, ESPN, 7

    Rutgers at Villanova, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    Wisconsin at Indiana, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    Hawaii at Fresno State, ESPN2, 11

    San Diego at Saint Mary's, ESPNU, 11

    Washington at UCLA, FSN, 11

    Feb. 21

    BracketBuster Saturday:

    11 games, ESPN2 and ESPNU matchups announced Feb. 2

    Big Ten game, BTN/ESPN, noon, 1 or 2

    Army at Navy, CBS, 1

    Tennessee at Kentucky, CBS, 1

    Northwest Missouri State

    at Central Missouri, CBSC, noon

    Southern Mississippi at UAB, CBSC, 2

    Marquette at Georgetown, ESPN, 2

    Washington State at UCLA, FSN, 3

    San Diego State at New Mexico, Versus, 3

    North Carolina at Maryland, ABC, 3:30

    TCU at Wyoming, Mtn, 3:30

    Oklahoma at Texas, ESPN, 9

    Colorado State at Air Force, Mtn, 9

    BYU at UNLV, CBSC, 11

    Pepperdine at Gonzaga, ESPNU, 11:30

    Feb. 22

    Big Ten game, BTN/ESPN, noon, 1 or 2

    Lafayette at Lehigh, ESPNU, noon

    Big Ten game, CBS, 1

    Villanova at Syracuse, CBS, 1

    Northwestern at Minnesota, BTN, 3 or 7

    Michigan at Iowa, BTN, 5

    Wake Forest at Duke, FSN, 7:30

    Arizona at Arizona State, FSN, 10

    Feb. 23

    Louisville at Georgetown, ESPN, 7

    Kansas at Oklahoma, ESPN, 9

    Feb. 24

    Penn State at Ohio State, ESPN, 7

    TCU at New Mexico, Mtn, 8:30

    Florida at LSU, ESPN, 9

    Florida State at Boston College, ESPN2, 9

    BYU at San Diego State, Mtn, 10:30

    Texas A&ampM at Nebraska, ESPN2, TBA

    Feb. 25

    Northwestern at Indiana, BTN, 6:30

    Connecticut at Marquette, ESPN, 7

    Virginia Tech at Clemson, ESPN2, 7:30

    Wyoming at Colorado State, Mtn, 8

    Iowa at Michigan State, BTN, 8:30

    Duke at Maryland, ESPN, 9

    Kansas State at Missouri, ESPNU, 9

    Texas Tech at Texas, ESPN2, 9:30

    UNLV at Utah, Mtn, 10

    Feb. 26

    Minnesota at Illinois, BTN, 7

    West Virginia at Cincinnati,

    ESPN/ESPN2, 7

    Purdue at Michigan, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    Gonzaga at Santa Clara, ESPN2, 11

    Feb. 28

    Georgia Tech at North Carolina, CBS, noon

    Georgetown at Villanova, ESPN, noon

    Iowa at Northwestern, BTN, 2

    Notre Dame at Connecticut, CBS, 2

    Wheeling (W.Va.) Jesuit

    at West Liberty State (W.Va.), CBSC, 3

    Pacific-10 game TBA, FSN, 3

    Duke at Virginia Tech, ABC, 3:30

    LSU at Kentucky, CBS, 4

    Big Ten game, ESPN/CBS, 4 or 8

    Utah at BYU, CBSC, 5

    Texas at Oklahoma State, ESPN, 6

    Wyoming at Air Force, Mtn, 6

    Gonzaga at San Diego, ESPN2, 7:30

    San Diego State at TCU, Mtn, 8:30

    UCLA at California, ESPN, 9